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THE BEST DATE MEAL Chimichurri steak and Hassle-back Potatoes

Hey guys, I thought I'd share with you the best meal to make when you're looking to impress someone!

So here is my YouTube video on how to make the steak with chimichurri sauce and hassle-back potatoes!

Please give this one a try guys because I promise you will have no regrets!



500g waxy potatoes (maris piper)

Olive oil

1 bulb of garlic

2 Ribeye steaks


3/4 cup coriander

1/2 cup parsley

1 chili

half an onion

2 tbsp of red wine vinegar

juice of 1 lime Method:

  1. Preheat an oven to 220*C . Cut parallel slits in the potatoes, finishing just before you cut through, leaving the bottom unbroken. You can rest the potatoes between two wooden spoons using that as a guide to stop slicing (as you stop slicing when you hit the edge of the spoon)

  2. Add the potatoes to a baking tray in the oven with the butter, olive oil and crushed garlic cloves, checking on them until they are golden brown on all sides roughly, 40 mins.

  3. Chimichurri – finely chop the coriander, parsley, 4 garlic cloves, chilli, onion and add the red wine vinegar, lime juice and olive oil and season generously!

  4. Put a frying pan on high heat. Rub the steak with oil and season generously with salt and pepper. When the pan begins to smoke, add the steaks. For medium-rare, cook for 2-3 minutes on one side, until very well caramelised, then turn and add the butter and garlic. Cook for another 2 minutes basting the top of steak with the butter. (timings may vary depending on steak thickness so beware)

  5. Remove the steaks from the pan and cover with foil and let them rest for 5 minutes. Serve the steaks with the potatoes and plenty of chimichurri!

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